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Due to the coronavirus pandemic the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board have extended the tax filing and tax payment deadline to July 15th 2020. An extension is not required. As long as you pay and file by July 15th 2020 no interest and no penalties will be charged. If you cannot file by July 15th 2020 you can get an extenson to file by October 15th 2020. An extension of time to pay after July 15th 2020 will not be granted. If you cannot pay by July 15th 2020 interest and penalties will be charged. Refunds are currently being processed in 10-21 days.

As the tax filing deadline date of July 15th 2020 is fast approaching we will reopen our office on May 1st 2020 as we will be considered an essential business. We will be taking extra precautionary measures by practicing social distancing, regularly disinfecting all surfaces, and requiring all our clients that come to the office to wear a mask until further notice. 

If you would like more information about your stimulus check, to check the status of your stimulus check, or to add direct deposit info please go to and click on get payment. The website is overloaded and has been giving error messages and inaccurate information. The best time to access is early in the morning or late in the day.

Click on this link to learn more about the recent updates to tax law in regards to COVID-19.

We are going through some difficult times right now in our world and our country but things are going to get better. It is winter time and there is a big storm that no one knows when it will end, but spring will come again and we will get past this pandemic. Our world and our country are going to grow and be much stronger on the other side of these uncertain times.

Everyone be safe, be kind to others, and let's all do our part to end this virus quickly!